Frequently asked questions

Is laser hair removal painful?

Our state-of-the-art laser is used exclusively for permanent hair removal. The use of a special cooling device assures that the procedure is pain-free. Find out yourself – visit our parlour and get a skin test done free of charge!

How many treatments need to be performed in order to remove the unwanted hair?

Most of the people need 4 treatments to get rid of the unwanted hair. However, in certain instances a larger number of treatments may be required.

Is laser hair removal safe?

Absolutely. The laser has all the necessary certificates. The method of laser hair removal has for long been performed in the USA and Western Europe.

Is the method suitable for everyone?

Prior to the treatment every patient undergoes a consultation with a specialist, who makes a final decision of whether a given person is suitable for laser hair removal. In the absence of any risk factors, a free of charge laser test is performed

Are there any side effects?

The most common side effect is redness, but it goes away quickly. Other possible side effects like little scabs and blisters occur very rarely.

How to prepare the skin for laser hair removal?

For two weeks prior to the treatment it is advisable to avoid tanning and not to use bronzers. Although the use of a new LightSheer laser makes it possible to perform the treatment on dark complexion skin, the results are not satisfactory. The skin in the area to be treated should be shaved and cleansed. Prior to the treatment creams or body lotions should not be applied.

Is the ULTACONTOUR treatment safe and painless?

The procedure is safe and painless, because the ULTRACONTOUR treatment is a method harmless to the surrounding organs, tissues, blood vessels and nerves.

How does the ULTRACONTOUR device shape chosen body parts?

The ULTRACONTOUR device removes adipose tissue, destroying fat cells by means of focused ultrasound waves. Then, the dissociation products are removed by means of metabolic processes.

What are the post-treatment effects?

The effects are visible a month after completing the treatment series. Approximately a 4cm of circumferential reduction of the choses body parts is noticeable after one treatment series.

How many treatments do I need for a visible effect?

The treatments are to be done in a series of 3 procedures. But based on experience we advise our patients to undergo 6 treatments, and one follow up series in a 6-month interval if needed.

Who may undergo the ULTRACONTOUR treatment?

Before each treatment, our patients individually speak to a qualified and experienced professional. Our professional decides if the patient may undergo the treatment.

What are the side effects of the treatment?

The ULTRACONTOUR device has been awarded with certificates for medical devices: ISO 9001 and CE. Following a low-fat diet, drinking lots of fluids and refraining from drinking alcohol – especially in the 4th day after each procedure is recommended. Contraindications:

  • pregnancy and breast feeding,
  • pacemakers and metal implants,
  • haemophilia,
  • severe liver conditions,
  • thrombophlebitis,
  • psoriasis,
  • intrauterine device.
Is the electrostimulation is harmless for ones health?

The device has a scanner and a microprocessor, which guarantees a safe electrostimulation.

Is the electrostimulation treatment painful?

Each patient is an individual and each person has a different threshold of pain. The device offers many programs and intensity levels of the treatment, which allows our professionals to adjust the strength of the electrostimulation to the individual needs of the patients, for the procedure not to be unpleasant.

What are the post-electrostimulation effects?

The treatments allow reducing the adipose tissue, even in the abdomen area. Thanks to the possibility of applying the treatment to many areas simultaneously, during one treatment we may work on the abdomen, thighs and buttocks. As the outcome of electrotherapy, the amount and capacity of fat cells is reduced, which makes the skin look firmer.

How does the micro-needle mesotherapy look like?

We prepare the skin with make-up removal and the disinfection of the area which the mesotherapy will be applied to. We exfoliate and soften the skin with a delicate peeling: glycolic acid or cavitation. The micro-needle therapy is regularly shot on areas, which need cure (its depth depends on the skin’s thickness and skin type). The final stage of the procedure is the application of a meso-cocktail and a soothing mask.

Why is micro-needle mesotherapy more effective than other methods?

Applying cosmetics directly onto the skin surface without the micro-needle shots allows only 0,3% of the active substances to penetrate into deeper skin layers. Punctures on the skin allow opening many micro-canals, which stay open for about 20 minutes after the procedure, and allow the active substances to be absorbed several hundred times more effectively. The skin reacts to micro-punctures like it does to micro-damages. During the healing process, many regeneration processes stimulate fibroblast dissociation, which enhances collagen fibre, elastin and hyaluronic acid production.

Who may undergo the micro-needle mesotherapy treatment?

Micro-needle mesotherapy helps fighting wrinkles, under eye bags, dark circles, dilated capillaries, Erythema, acne, old scars, helps keeping the skin’s firmness. It is a procedure, which may be applied to various body parts. If your problem is cellulite, stretch marks, scars, poor skin firmness, dry skin, or swellings – micro-needle mesotherapy will be the best solution.

Micro-punctures? Does it hurt?

Each patient is an individual and each person has a different threshold of pain. You may use anesthetic cream Emla.


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