Beauty Cosmetology

Elegant and expressive look and long-lasting effects make the colouring of eyelashes, eyebrows and eyebrows adjustment more and more popular beauty treatments. Eyebrows colouring made with natural henna – a plant dye derived from the Lawsonia inermisplant – emphasises the beauty of the look and adds certain expression to the face. During the treatment, the type and colour is selected depending on the issueand the effect preferred by the client. Depending on the frequency of the henna eyebrows and skin type, the effects of the treatment last up to 2 months ensuring daily comfort. Additionally, giving the eyebrows a proper shape by removing hair with tweezers emphasizes the natural beauty of every woman and perfectly harmonizes with everyday make-up.

  • Henna eyelashes and eyebrows
  • Eyebrows adjustment
Henna eyelashes20 PLN
Henna eyebrows15 PLN
Eyebrows adjustment15-30 PLN
Henna eyelashes and eyebrows+ eyebrows adjustment45 PLN

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