Blackheads are non-inflammatory skin lesions, most often observed during puberty or together with acne issue. They appear during overproduction of sebaceous glands producing sebum combined with abnormal course of epidermis exfoliation. As a result of inappropriate home skin care, the use of highly clogging cosmetic products or comedogenic substances the hair follicle mouths are blocked, resulting in the formation of open and closed blackheads. It also happens during acne dermatosis. The first ones are visible in the form of brown or black dots located around the nose and chin. Their colour indicates an oxidation reaction between the epidermal and sebum cells and air. Closed blackheads are in the form of light-coloured exanthema formed as a result of plugging the outer layer of the gland and accumulating of epidermis top layer. In order to recognize and level the defect, a cosmetic consultation is recommended.

Proposed treatments

Chemical skin peels

  • regulationof sebum production
  • exfoliationof the top layers of epidermal cells
  • removal of contaminants, keratoses

Cleansing Hydrogen

  • cleaning the pores and interior of hair follicles
  • removal of excess sebum and keratinized, dead epidermal cells
  • refreshment, skin nourishment

Diamond Microdermabrasion

  • removal of dead cells
  • skin cleansing
  • refreshment, smoothing the skin

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