Cellulite happens to 85-98% of women and about 2% of men. It can occur regardless of body weight or physical activity. It appears as oedematous, fibrous and sclerosis changes mainly in subcutaneous tissue. Factors that may provoke cellulite include specific structure of subcutaneous tissue in women’s body, hormonal imbalance, cardiovascular and lymphatic system disorders, genetic factor and environmental factors.

Proposed treatments


  • slimming
  • cellulite reduction and skin firming
  • elimination of oedema and general muscle tension


  • acceleration of the division, development and differentiation of skin cells
  • stem cell and fibroblast stimulation
  • improvement of microcirculation in subcutaneous tissue


  • improving nutrition and oxygenation of tissues
  • stimulation of tissue regeneration processes
  • stimulating protein production and improving microcirculation


  • increase in cell metabolism
  • stimulation of collagen and elastin production
  • improvement of microcirculation in subcutaneous tissue


  • painless Body modelling
  • reduction in the volume of fat cells
  • reduction of excess water in the body

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