Couperose skin

The couperose skin is characterized by blood vessels (telangiectasias) visible to the naked eye, which are much shallower than in other complexions types. The possibility of permanent erythema, redness and spider veins as a result of poor home and office care is a high-risk factor of such type of problems. The skin is thin, delicate and hypersensitive to the touch. It is highly susceptible to rapid signs of aging. The skin reacts rapidly to changing weather conditions, especially to temperature changes. The skin is sensitive to ultraviolet rays, water and soap. Generally, blood vessels dilations usually occur to women and are most often located on the trunk and face. They may have a linear system or occur in irregular clusters. They are not congenital and may be caused by circulatory disorders, hypertension, atherosclerosis, liver diseases and hormonal disorders (mainly oestrogen).

Proposed treatments

Chemical skin peels

  • strengthening and sealing of blood vessels
  • relieving and anti-inflammationeffect
  • treatments with the use of: Retises Yellow Peel, Melaspeel TRX, Azelac RU


  • the procedure is safe
  • effective removal of various types of skin lesions
  • enabling the closure of blood vessels


  • improves circulation within the tiniest blood vessels
  • vasodilatation
  • sealing effect

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