Enlarged pores

The problem of enlarged facial pores concerns both women and men. The size of pores usually depends on the type of skin, genetic conditions and the excess sebum production produced by the glands. However, pores play an important role in the body: they have athermoregulatory effect and excrete toxins. Enlarged pores usually accompany oily and mixed skin as a result of disturbances of epidermis exfoliation processes. Instead of breaking away from the skin surface, the keratinized cells are still stuck as a result of sebum. This leads to filling up of the pores and, consequently, to their expansion.

Proposed treatments

Chemical skin peels

  • regulation of sebum secretion by the sebaceous glands
  • normalizing and anti-inflammatory effect
  • treatments with the use of Salipeel DS and Pyruvic Peel


  • astringent and anti-inflammatory functions
  • prevents hair bag blockages
  • regulation of sebum secretion

Diamond Microdermabrasion

  • reduction of dilated pores and removal of blackheads
  • purification
  • seborrhea reduction

Cavitation peeling

  • disinfection of the area in treatment
  • reduction of open blackheads and prevention from their creation
  • unblockage of the sebaceous glands' outlets to prevent skin lesions

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