Injection lipolysis

Injection lipolysis is a revolutionary method that allows quick and minimally invasive removal of excess adipose tissue from problematic areas. It is an innovative therapy. Localintroduction of specially created preparations deep into the tissue with the use of a syringe results in fat cells (adipocytes) breakdown, their move to the liver and extractionoutside the body in the end. The effects of the treatment are permanent, however, in order to achieve optimal results, it is advisable to perform 2 to 3 treatments at intervals of several weeks.

Treatment time

from 15 min onwards



Treatment intervals

6-8 weeks


face, body

Advantages of injection lipolysis

Effectiveness of the treatment
Effectiveness of the treatment

Phosphatidylcholine together with sodium deoxycholate induce lysis (disintegration) of fat cells and support transmembranelipid transport. The adipose tissue can be reduced by 10% after several times the preparation is administered. The treatment can be performed on almost every part of the body.

An alternative to invasive surgical procedures
An alternative to invasive surgical procedures

It is used by customers with unsatisfactory effects after liposuction and lipo-transfers. A person who is undergoing the procedure does not needrecoveryperiod.

Safety of usage
Safety of usage

The lipolysis process takes place naturally, the fat released by stimulating natural metabolic processes is expelled from the body. Administration of the preparation to the subcutaneous tissue minimizes the risk of adverse effects.

Sustainability of effects
Sustainability of effects

Fat cells are permanently removed from the body after a series of treatments.

If there are no contraindications to the treatment, it does not require special preparation.

  • pregnancy and lactation,
  • coagulation disorders and menstrual irregularities,
  • acute infections,
  • diabetes,
  • hyperthyroidism or hypothyroidism,
  • acute kidney and liver disease,
  • autoimmune diseases related to thyroid, multiple sclerosis, Crohn’s disease, rheumatic disease,
  • obesity, BMI over 30,
  • allergic changes,
  • soy allergy,
  • use of aspirin or other anticoagulants.
Injection lipolysis
1 ampoule250 PLN
2 ampoules350 PLN
3 ampoules420 PLN
4 ampoules480 PLN

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