Smoker’s skin

A typical image of a smoker’s face is characterized by deep wrinkles which spread radially around the mouth (so-called “smoker’s wrinkles”). In addition, the characteristic facial features of the smoker are the facial wrinkles of the outer eye areaas well as shallow wrinkles located within the cheek skin. The skin does not have an aestheticcolour. On the contrary, it’s sallow and its atrophy is visible before the menopause. The nasolabial folds deepen while the yoke bones and jawbone become more visible. In addition, discoloration appears, which is only initially invisible. The elastin fibres in the dermis are thinner and show increased fragmentation. There is a decrease in blood supply to peripheral tissues (including skin), which results in their chronic hypoxia. Chronic ischaemia of the dermis is responsible for abnormal synthesis of collagen fibres and decrease of cell activity in the dermis and epidermis. It is worth noting that smoking just one cigarette causes makes arterial blood vessels narrower for as long as 90 minutes, which in turn causes decreasing blood flow of different intensity. In the case of fingers, it is as much as 42%!

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