Discolorations are spots – darker than the surrounding skin – associated with excessive production of pigment called melanin or its excessive local or generalized accumulation in the epidermis or dermis. UV radiation is the most important factor that enhances the formation of spots, however, hormonal and thyroid disorders, liver or adrenal diseases, drugs, genetics and pregnancy also initiate their appearance.

Proposed treatments

Chemical skin peels

  • reduces division and proliferation of melanocytes
  • skin tone improvement
  • treatments with the use of: Yellow Peel, Orange Peel, Azelac Peel, TRX, Melaspeel R, DNA Recovery Peel


  • induction of tissue remodelling and regeneration
  • skin firmness
  • skin tone and structure alignment


  • increase in the level of moisture and tissue filling
  • skin brightening and inhibition of melanin synthesis
  • restoring skin radiance and smoothness

Diamond Microdermabrasion

  • elimination of excessive keratinisation, dryness and sun damage
  • an alternative option for people intolerant to chemical peeling
  • possibility of frequent repetition

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