Terms and conditions

Dear clients, we would like to inform you that:

  1. you can book a consultation, treatment or training in person at the reception desk of Révision Cosmétologie, by telephone, by e-mail at: gabinet@revision.com.pl or via the website www.moment.pl/revision-cosmetologie;
  2. during the registration, the staff may ask you for the following data: name, telephone number, e-mail address. Please note that the registration procedure respects your privacy;
  3. refusal to provide personal data may result in a refusal to provide the service;
  4. in some justified cases, Révision Cosmétologie may request a pre-payment of 20% of the price of the booked visit in accordance with the price list available on the website revision.com.pl. This amount will substracted from final amount for the service provided;
  5. the fee referred to in point 4. of the Terms and Conditions can be made by a traditional transfer to the account of Bleuet Sp. z o.o. or in person at the office. Detailed information about the payment will be sent via e-mail if there is a necessity to pay the fee;
  6. the fee referred to in point 4. of the Terms and Conditions must be made at the latest on the day before the visit. An exception to the rule is the payment of the reservation fee for the training, which must be made 7 days prior to the trainingand confirmation of the transfer should be sent to the following e-mail address: gabinet@revision.com.pl;
  7. a consultation or visit can be cancelled or postponed at the latest 24 hours before the day on which the visit is scheduled. This point is not valid in case of an illness or accident;
  8. in case of cancellation or postponement of the visit later than mentioned in point 7. of the Terms and Conditions, the pre-payment referred to in point 4. will not be returned, nor will it be counted as the payment for the next visit;
  9. A client should be present at least 10 min prior to the first visit and for the next visits – 5 minutes before they start.In case of delay, the visit will not be extended. In justified cases, i.e. too late, the cosmetologist may refuse to provide the service;
  10. payment for the treatment is made after the service is performed at the reception of Révision Cosmétologie;
  11. the price for the service has been determined for individual body parts based on the surface of the body undergoing the treatment. The price for the treatment may change if the treatment is performed on a larger area of the body or if preparation to be used is more than a standard portion;
  12. a client has the right to access their cosmetic documentation.