We use a modern laser in our beauty parlour. It is designed only for permanent hair removal. How you feel during the procedure is an individual matter. Some people describe the treatment as painless, others as a feeling of discomfort. However, thanks to the use of the Chill Tip,a patient feels a pleasant feeling of cooling after each pulse given by the laser. Check it yourself – visit us for a free consultation!

Four treatments should help with the removal of unwanted hairin most cases. However, there are people who need more treatments.

The laser used for hair removal has all the required tests and certificates. It is a method used for a long time in the United States and Western Europe.

Each person is individually consulted by an appropriately trained and experienced person before the procedure is performed. It is the specialist who ultimately decides whether a person is eligible for the treatment or not. We perform a free skin laser test before the procedure when a person qualifies for it.

The most common side effect is a slight redness of the skin, which does not last long. Other side effects are small scars and blisterswhich also disappear very quickly.

The treatments are painless and safe because Ultracontour treatment is non-invasive and does not affect surrounding organs, tissues, blood vessels and nerves.

Ultracontour removes adipose tissue by destroying the membranes of fat cells using focused ultrasounds, and then removes breakdown products during metabolic processes.

The effects are visible one month after the treatment. The body circumference decreases on average 4 cm after one series of treatments.

A series of 3 treatments should be performed, but we recommend 6 treatments on the basis of our experience. We also suggest repeating the series in six months.

Each person is individually consulted by a properly trained and experienced person before the treatment. The specialist ultimately decides whether the person is eligible for the treatment.

The device has a safety certificate for medical devices ISO 9001 and CE. It is advisable to follow a low-fat diet and consume large amounts of fluids during the period of the treatment, especially on the 4th day after each of them. It isrecommended to limit alcohol consumption.