Men's Zone

The appearance of male skin (it is greasier and has larger pores than female skin) is primarily due to hormonal differences, e.g.: skin thickness and more sebum secretion. Thicker skin retains moisture better, which makes it firmer and tighter. The greater amount of sebum helps to retain moisture and creates a lipid film on the skin surface. It regulates the moisture in the deeper layers and gives your skin a smooth and delicate appearance. In addition, thicker skin is more resistant to the formation of wrinkles. In men, wrinkles appear later than in women and usually take the form of deep rather than fine furrows.

Young men are more likely to develop blackheads and inflammation as a result of higher level of sebum secretion. They occur when sebum combines with dead skin cells and clogs the pores. Irritated blackheads become infected and inflammation occurs.

Men need special care that takes into account their individual requirements. Men’s skin is much more exposed to irritation, mainly through daily shaving, which causes micro-damage of the skin and violates the protective hydrolipid coat. This leads to dry skin, irritation and inflammation.

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