Dry/Dehydrated skin

Dry skin is thin, with visible pores and redness. It lacks both lipids and water. The feeling of dryness, burning and itching is deepened during exposure to lower temperatures and after bathing and is felt throughout the body. Dry skin might berecognized by its irregular surface, cracks and roughness as well. This type of skin can also be dehydrated. The causes are mainly related to genetic and hormonal issues, thyroid functioning, diabetes, nutrient deficiencies and medicines. Dehydrated skin mighthappen to any skin type and is characterized by water loss from the top layer of the epidermis. This condition is temporary, caused by improper care, staying in air-conditioned rooms, air pollution, medical therapies (e.g. anti-acne) and emotional factors. Both types of skin, dry and dehydrated, are characterized by a feeling of tightness, irritation, lack of elasticity. The skin might also peel off.

Proposed treatments



Chemical skin peels


Cleansing Hydrogen

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