Oily skin or skin with seborrhea


The main cause of skin which is oily or with seborrhea is the hyperactivity of sebaceous glands leading to seborrhea and acne complications. Oily skin is usually slightly yellowish/grey/sallow, with frequent acne discoloration. It is dense, soft and slippery when touched (so greasy due to excessive sebum production). It can be characterized by elasticity, resilience and firmness. It is resistant to all abrasions, injuries, temperature changes and external factors.  It is characterized by excessive activity of sebaceous glands on the whole area of the face skin (often the owners of this skin also experience oily central back and chest). Frequent disorders are related to epidermis keratinization, strong development of bacteria (and other microorganisms) and frequent inflammation. The levels of skin hydration and greasiness are high. We do not feel any discomfort after washing it, there is no feeling of pulling or burning of the skin. Blood vessels are ofteninvisible; pores might beenlarged. It has less tendency to aging.

Proposed treatments

Chemical skin peels


Diamond Microdermabrasion

Cavitation peeling

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